AAAA Rockstar Island



  • Indica/Sativa:80%/20%
  • THC Content:29%
  • Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy
  • Flavours: Gassy, Dank, Diesel
  • Best For: Insomnia, Pain, Anxiety, Depression


Rockstar Island Strain

In the vast landscape of strains of cannabis, Rockstar Island lives up to its name. It is a true rock star of a strain that stands out as a potent hybrid. It is the offspring of famous parents, Rockstar and Island Sweet Skunk. The remarkable combination gives users a wonderful mix of balance and serenity. There is a lot of power in it as well, but you end up feeling like a new person with the best strains to be had from British Columbia. The strain has gained a fair deal of popularity in the recent past as it enthralls both the experts of the cannabis world and those just starting their cannabis journey.

Genetics – The Key to the Right Start

Rockstar Island is a hybrid cannabis strain. It is born out of the crossbreeding of famous parents – Rockstar and Island Sweet Skunk. The Rockstar strain has strong leanings towards its Indica roots (quite literally and figuratively) and is believed to be a blend of Sensi Star and Rockbud. Island Sweet Skunk, on the other hand, is Sativa-dominant and appears to be a phenotype of Skunk #1. The culmination of these parent strains gives rise to a harmonious hybrid with a steady profile of both indica and sativa traits.

A Good-Looking Strain

As a cannabis fan, you only have to think of the words “dense” and “frosty” to visualize the best Rockstar Island strains from British Columbia! The visual appeal of Rockstar Island is clear from the moment you feast your eyes on the buds. Nugs are medium to large, with a compact and dense formation. The color palette features all hues of deep green and an ample covering of earthy rusty-orange pistils. Trichomes glisten like sugar frosting, adding a shimmering appeal.

An Aromatic Arrangement

Rockstar Island’s aroma is a pure delight. Your sense of smell will come alive with a fusion of this strain’s parents as you inhale the hypnotic scent of spice and earth. You can also experience the subtlety of sweet citrus and skunk. The combination of all this creates an invigorating scent that sets the stage for good times to come.

Fantastic Flavour

The flavor of Rockstar Island is nothing short of impressive. Some of the best strains that British Columbia produces have a streamlined taste, without too much pressure on the palate. You will get an initial taste characterized by an earthy and sweet blend, a reminder of its Rockstar parent. What follows is a burst of tropical flavors, all citrus, reminiscent of Island Sweet Skunk. You are left with nothing but the sweet taste of pure satisfaction.

Empowering Effects

Rockstar Island’s effect is what cannabis dreams are made of. Since it has a steady and hybrid nature, it offers you a holistic experience. This is a strain with high potency and a THC reaching 31%, yet it is a balanced cannabis variety. The ideal British Columbian strains make this cannabis popular with all kinds of users, both new and old. The effects include:

  • Upliftment: Rockstar Island results in a happy uplifting, giving the mood a boost of the most positive kind.
  • Relaxation: This strain has the influence of Sativa, but manages to bring the effect of relaxation and relief from any kind of stress.
  • Creativity: Reports of alertness and creativity have been noted with the use of this cannabis.
  • Pain Relief: The strain has a potent Indica background contributing to its analgesic properties, providing pain relief.
  • Appetite Stimulation: Rockstar Island can trigger increases in appetite. This is beneficial for people with a lack of appetite due to some treatments for certain conditions.

Potential Advantages in Healthcare

There is not enough scientific evidence to conclusively relate the treatment benefits of any cannabis strain, including Rockstar Island. Nonetheless, it has been known to alleviate some symptoms which include the ones mentioned below:

  • Mood Disorders: The strain has clear mood-enhancing properties that may assist people with anxiety, mood disorders, or depression.
  • Chronic Pain: Rockstar Island has analgesic effects that may offer relief for people suffering from conditions of chronic pain.
  • Appetite Stimulation: Rockstar Island stimulates appetite which could be beneficial for people undergoing medical treatment that results in appetite loss.

Popularity and Cultural Impact

Rockstar Island has collected a dedicated fan-following in the social world of cannabis, earning high praise for its steady effects and delicious flavors. The strain is famed for its successful appearances in competitions and events, further boosting its evolving popularity.

The cannabis industry is growing at a sure and balanced pace and the effects of certain strains are proving to be versatile. One of the most versatile of these is Rockstar Island, with dense and lush strains coming out of the legendary British Columbia cultivators. The harvest is always bountiful and has many takers all over the world.

Tips for Optimal Cultivation

Cultivating Rockstar Island has turned into an enriching profession for experienced and novice developers and growers. The strain is well-adapted to indoor and outdoor growth. Nonetheless, Indoor cultivation leads to a better yield as the environment is more controlled than that outdoors. Here are some handy cultivation hints:

  • For Indoor Cultivation: See that you maintain a steady indoor temperature between 68-80 °F (20-27 °C) and relative humidity at approximately 40-50%. To maximize the production of buds, constant pruning should be undertaken.
  • For Outdoor Cultivation: Rockstar Island relishes a warm and sunny environment when grown outdoors. Ensure the plants get plenty of sunlight and give the plants protection against pests and any harsh weather.
  • Flowering Time: Rockstar Island has an 8 to 10-week flowering period. Keep a watch for trichomes to know about the perfect time for harvesting.

Rock Your World with Rockstar Island

Rockstar Island strains prove to be fascinating hybrid cannabis strains, fusing the ideal traits of parent strains, Island Sweet Skunk and Rockstar, itself a hybrid. The buds have a bewitching visual appeal and can attract both experts and newbies to their well-balanced effects. You may be new to the world of cannabis, and if you are, you can start off with small and limited doses of Rockstar Island. If you have any medical complaints or conditions, remember to consult a qualified healthcare professional before you start your cannabis adventure. Then, you can go right ahead and try some of the best that British Columbia has to offer!

Where to Buy

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39 reviews for AAAA Rockstar Island

  1. Robin Robitaille (verified owner)

    Strong and pleasant taste. white hash, clean and makes me high fast.

  2. Richard D (verified owner)

    It sent me into a deep relaxation state.

  3. Ashley Brooklie (verified owner)

    this batch is just so damn good.

  4. douglas donni (verified owner)

    keep what you guys are doing, I will be shopping here for many more years.

  5. Donna420 (verified owner)

    we live up north with no access to good cannabis. actually my bestie told me about tlv finest budz years ago, so we already placed 10 orders with them and so far we are very happy with everything, p.s the weekend deal always put a smile on my face.

  6. Antony F (verified owner)

    These top-shelf dense buds are sticky and packed with flavour. The high is exceptional, and I sleep much better.

  7. Jorey Laurent (verified owner)

    Hi TLV, can you make sure to always have this particular strain available? It has that nostalgic flavour of classic BC marijuana from the 90’s. I recently sampled it for the first time and it’s the perfect strain for a wake and bake session. It’s definitely one of my top favorites.

  8. Elx LED (verified owner)

    This ROCKSTAR ISLAND exudes a pungent aroma and a sticky texture. Perfect strain for evening relaxation, promoting a sense of calmness and tranquility, grabbed a full pound and I am super happy with my purchase.

  9. thc saints (verified owner)

    I pay for quads 200 or more in downtown, well worth driving for 20min for a quick pick up.

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