White Death THC Diamonds (TLV Finest Budz Brand)



  • Indica/Sativa:70%/30%
  • THC Content:99%
  • Effects: Relaxed, Happy,  Sleepy, Knock Out
  • Best For:  Migraines, Stress, Insomnia 


White Death THC Diamonds:

TLV Finest Budz offers White Death THC Diamonds, which can be smoked or vaped. These diamonds are solid crystalline structures that resemble actual diamonds and are semi-transparent. Our lab test shows THC levels of 99-99.2%, almost pure THC content, White Death is the strain used to make these White Death THC Diamonds and this is an indica-dominant hybrid resulting from crossing White Widow and Death Bubba. Despite the ominous name, White Death is renowned for its potent pain-relieving effects. Its high is intense, with a creeping onset that gradually leads to a euphoric and unfocused state of mind. Furthermore, the body relaxes and becomes couch-locked as the high progresses. Consequently, users may experience a sedative experience that can easily induce a deep and peaceful sleep.

About Tlv Finest Budz:

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1g $50, 2g $95

7 reviews for White Death THC Diamonds (TLV Finest Budz Brand)

  1. rko extra

    good product, i always buy from tlv, since i have been a loyal customer for years.this is very high thc,if you are a beginner you might wanna go with a tiny amount, i just like to add it to my joint, does the job for me.

  2. bubblebang

    good investment,works well with budget flower as well,5 out of 5

  3. Ay Lin

    5/5 all day long

  4. Kathleen C.

    good fix for my weekend

  5. arnold samual

    so far i tried the shatter,moonrock and budder wax from the tlv finest budz brand, and they were super good, but this diamond was the highlight for sure, a must try.

  6. Jason Rondeau (verified owner)

    Spectacular product ! I won’t lie I was super iffy with online purchases, but these folks have restored my faith.
    Can’t beat that product or price.

  7. shogun_takeovr23 (verified owner)

    that was some strong diamonds, i guess i don’t go to work today.

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